Mega Sunnah Sports Event


Let’s take it back one thousand four hundred years. To a land of a scorching sun and rolling sand mountains. To a land of people that were destined a paradise in the afterlife, a people who till this day have managed to resonate in our lives. Join me as I take you on a journey that will allow you live in a moment that once was 1400 years ago…

The anticipation built as he mounted his mare. The night was suddenly still. The friendly beast stood, awaiting the moment. And then it began, suddenly and majestically. The crowd was taken in by the sheer awesomeness of what was transpiring before them. Jehad Shamis of the United Kingdom flew by as his arrow whizzed through the air hitting its target. He galloped on, target after target, arrow after arrow, Shamis who competed in Korea, USA, Malaysia and turkey held the crowd spellbound, as he took them on a journey back 1400 years.

On the night of Friday 19 AUGUST 2016, at the Roshnee Sports Grounds, boys and men, fathers and sons gathered together for an experience unlike any other. It allowed the Sunnah to unfold before their eyes. It allowed boys to find entertainment in something that their Prophet S.A.W loved. The DEEN TEAM hosted a MEGA SUNNAH SPORTS EVENT. It surely was a journey back to the sands of Arabia. Alhamdulillah, with the support and sponsorship of AWQAF SA this night was able to materialise. The Deen Team, through AWQAF SA assistance was able to connect with the youth and
entertain them for a night to forever be remembered.

Muslim equestrians from far and wide were brought together to celebrate the amazing Sunnah of horse-riding and archery. Some of the most exquisite Muslim owned horses were displayed, while others showed the crowd what show jumping Is all about. Beautifully rendered anasheed f and the sweet words of the Quran filled the air as the Sunnah came to life. It was a night dedicated to the youth. A night dedicated to the Prophet S.A.W and what he loved. All our boys need is exposure to the amazing lives of the heroes of the past and they will be hooked, they will be engrossed and they will finally see the beauty of what their religion is.

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