Brotherhood Getaway Camp

24- 17 October 2020

Brothers get to choose to be trained in either one of the following 

  • Horse Riding
  • Archery
  • Wrestling & Grappling

Boys between the ages of 13-19 can join.

Only R950 pp

About Us.

The Deen Team (established in March 2016) is a youth development initiative dedicated to addressing the vital roles that Muslim youth play as future leaders of the Ummah. With different programs attuned to the youth’s critical stage in life, we seek to address real-life problems and give the support needed for young people to live lives as dedicated Muslim youth and blossom into stable adults. The Deen Team operates with innovative programme formats in two very specific areas:

  1. Youth Programmes for boys between ages 13 and 18 in school and beyond
  2. Programs and support for students at universities

We are a section 21 Non-profit company. Our structure is as follows:

  • 3 Trustees
  • Ulama and community leaders who serve in an unofficial advisory capacity
  • A small team of employed staff
  • Selfless volunteers who seek nothing but the pleasure of the almighty

The Deen Team relies completely on the generosity of the Muslim public. At selected events we may charge a fee but that is to cover the expenses related that particular event.


  • Regular Youth Camps 
  • Inter Masjid Soccer Tournaments
  • Masjid Programs in outlining towns
  • School Visits
  • Promotion of Sunnah Sports
  • Insightful excursions
  • Ongoing support and mentorship
  • There’s actually always something new


  • Annual Orientation Program for the freshman
  • We Regularly conduct or organise the Jumma program on university campuses
  • Weekly Halaqas
  • Ongoing support and mentorship


  • An interactive and lively website
  • An annual Legends of Islam Youth Program
  • Strong social media presence
  • Production and distribution of Inspirational audios, videos and posters

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Adventure and Tarbiyyah Youth Camps


Masjid based Youth Programmes


School Visits