Drug Awareness Friday

The drug awareness Friday is an annual event that took place in august of this year. This year it commenced at the Time of jummah salaah, in which all the southern suburbs of Johannesburg were involved. These included the likes of Robertsham at masjidul huda with the talk given by Ml Aktar Ali, Ridgway at masjidul Quba with the talk given by Ml Ansaar Johardien and Evans Park at masjid al sirat ul jannah with the talk given by Ml Sulaimaan Ravat. The jummah lecture topic is centered around drugs and the effects it has.

After the jummah salaah, a ladies program was held during the afternoon where the women were addressed by Hafez Rafeeq Mayet who is the head of the Magaliesburg Rehab center. The night that followed was one where much unfolded. At masjid Quba in Ridgeway, a recent development was the establishment of their multi purpose court in the Masjid parking lot. This is where the soccer freestyle tournament was held. This involved a professional soccer freestyler performing while the boys gathered around and watched in awe. Youngsters from various communities also took part in the competition. The winner of the competition walked away with the grand prize of a R500 shopping voucher courtesy of Rashid Cassim Sport.

Freestyling in essence, involves tricks being done with the soccer ball. The freestyler is rated by a criteria of their skill and control of the ball. As well as the number of consecutive tricks they are to do with the ball without it touching the ground. The competition was surely intense and some amazing tricks were witnessed. Before the event began, a surprise gift was also given by Status jewelers in Oriental plaza. This was then awarded to the runner up freestyler. Interesting to note, the young lad who had won the tournament was on his way from Lenasia and had no knowledge of the tournament. He simply happened to stumble upon it and managed to make his way to first position.

The tournament unfolded by all participants firstly performing. Thereafter the judges gave each contestant a score and those with the highest scores made it to the semi finals. The semi finals involved four contestants who were split into 2 groups. Of the two in the group, both had to then go up against the other to compete. Their performance had to last a minute with their best move ending their time. The crowd of young boys were also part of the elimination as they had to scream the takbeer for each contestant, with the loudest takbeer indicating the best freestyler. It’s through the will of Allah that the event was in fact a success as seen by the attendance of one hundred youth. It was also a great opportunity to have had a number of recovering addicts from the rehab come through and talk to us about their journey through their addiction and recovery. One example is that of a young boy, who grew up in a stable home and attended his daily madressah classes. However his addiction lead him to such a state that he would stand on bridges and throw bricks at the cars below in an attempt to break their windscreens. When the drivers would get off their cars he would then rob them to gain money to feed his addiction. Alhamdulillah, thus young man had found his way again and is currently on the road to recovery.

Once again, the Deen team was able to connect with the youth and teach them lessons of life through methods they understand best. Since the response of this drug awareness Friday was so satisfactory it is hoped that next year this event can occur across the country on jummah. Allah willing these efforts will help our youth to maintain their steadfastness in faith and deter them from the path of addiction. Ameen.

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