Deen Team Girls Have An Unforgettable Time

Deen Team Girls Have An Unforgettable Time

وتعاونوا على البر والتقوى
“And Help each other in righteousness and piety”
[Quraan: Surah Maa’idah]

After The Deen Team’s first ever Girls Youth Program in February, Alhamdullilah it was now time to reload and get ready for the second one.

After a lengthy lockdown period and 3rd wave in South Africa, an event was seriously needed to boost morales.

The youth needed interaction with others and to uplift their spirits. Albeit all covid protocols observed.

SHOTS WERE FIRED!! Almost 50 young muslimahs from as far as Klerksdorp, gathered at Blades & Triggers Airsoft Facility in the west of Johannesburg.

The participants played Airsoft like pros and kept going forward without any signs of backing down.

The Girls Adventure and Tarbiya Day was spent under the supervision of a team of applaudable female youth workers, who are not only cool, but even portrayed as ”big sisters” to our young participants.

Despite the chilly and windy August morning, the turnout was fantastic. The day began with ice-breakers which allowed the young muslimahs to quickly settle and familiarize themselves with each other.

Our Aalima guest speaker captured the hearts of the budding, enthusiastic young teens and discussed various issues such as sincerity to Allah Ta’alla and becoming the best posssible version of yourself.

With no men in sight, they enjoyed themselves with a Qiraat and Nasheed session in the afternoon, with voices like Nightingales. Subhanallah!!!

The girls ended the day feeling accomplished that a sisterhood was built, and their confidence levels boosted.

The setting and atmosphere was perfect for a Muslimah to learn skills and gain spiritual growth.

As with any Deen Team event, an Akhlaaq award was awarded to the team who portrayed the best Akhlaaq.

The criteria was manners, attitude, ability to pay attention and the ability to work together with their teammates.

Each girl received a pretty pen with a cute matching key ring to signify the start of a special bond of growth, development and mentorship between our facilitators and participants.

The youth are the future of the Ummah. It is up to us to mould and guide them.

Jazakillah khair to each and every participant and volunteer for attending. May Allah accept from us all. Aameen.

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