Klerksdorp Tour

The Deen teams Klerksdorp tour took place on the 14th and 15th of October 2016. The weekend began with jummah being lead at the manzil park masjid as well as the town masjid. The Deen team addressed a topic which was a rhetorical question, IS MUSIC REALLY THAT BAD?

During the course of the evening, the opportunity was awarded to the Deen team to showcase their work at the local school jalsa. All these programmes built up the excitement for what was the main event on Friday night. The event commenced at 10:30pm at a residence in manzil park. The programme of the event was of an innovative format. It involved fifa knock – outs , winners staying on board followed by personal experiences and encounters of recovering drug addicts. The boys were entertained by many Islamic motivational discussions throughout the night. The night was intended to conclude with a Dhikr session. However for the boys of klerksdorp this wasn’t quite enough, and they managed to stretch the night up to 2:00am!

Saturday featured a soccer freestyling competition, which also showcased a professional soccer freestyler. The Deen team encouraged the community to participate.

The competition proved to be very challenging with intervals in the competition involving multiple Islamic discussions.

This weekend proved to be a memorable one. Many thanks goes to the community of klerksdorp for their hospitality. We pray allah increases your baqarah and takes you from strength to strength. From the Deen team, may the peace of Allah be with you, and stay tuned for upcoming events.

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