Ultra Music Festival 2018

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Young people are constantly being challenged with terrible fitnas that can sometimes become overwhelming and make them extremely vulnerable. One such fitna that needs to be contested is The Ultra Music Festival.Ultra is an international concept running for the last 20 years but only debuted in South Africa in 2014.

The notorious event features hard trance music which is the modern and more intense version of what was previously known as rave. Very few individuals can actually appreciate Trance music while being sober, it is almost a requisite for attendees to be heavily drugged up. Ultra uses some of the world’s most influential DJs who music listeners would flock to see perform live. In 2016 Ultra was recorded as the largest electronic music festival in Africa and since then experience a 20% increase in attendance annually. An attendee explained to The Deen Team that it is completely normal to bump into Muslim youngsters at Ultra.

Ultra South Africa 2017 which is widely marketed will be taking place on the following dates:

  • 09 February 2018 Cape Town
  • 10 February 2018 Johannesburg

A team of Ulama have started compiling content, which we will circulate by Tuesday 6st of February 2018, this can be used on the mimbars to address the issue in the Jummah lecture on Friday, 9th February 2018.

We request from our respected parents and Ulama that you make dua for the safety of our youth from this very satanic event.

Jazakallahu Khaira
Hafidh Shaakir Bhyat

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