The Weed Tour 2017

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Rustenburg here we come!! This programme was designed with very specific intent. We planned to cover every aspect related to Marijuana.

Physical and medical effects
Islamic ruling
Financial effects

Why “The Weed Tour”

Very often islamic organisations host drug awareness programmes that focus on the latest and hardest drugs on the streets. With the result there is a possibility of the “gateway drug’s”(Marijuana) effects being overlooked.

Most addicts journey to narcotics abuse started with weed.

The current legal battle of the “Dagga Couple” in their effort to legalise Dagga for recreational use has stimulated a lot of discussion. Most of which leaning towards its acceptability.

The creative name:
We chose a name that wouldn’t disclose our view point with the hope that a user who is looking for justification will attend and we will be able to convince the attendees otherwise.


  1. The programme entailed a soccer freestyle display.
  2. Audience interaction
  3. Nasheed and Qiraat by Hafiz Muhammad Yaseen Choonarah.
  4. Motivational and informative talks by Hafiz Saad Jada, Hafiz Shaakir Bhyat and Dr Zayn Muhammad.
  5. Personal experiences and encounters by recovering weed addicts.

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