Although during the past years, projects similar to this one has been in operation, The Deen Team has taken it further by an extra mile by realising that the youth are vulnerable and open to moral and religious attacks. As much as they are easily influenced by the modern-day attractions and distractions, any effort in that direction to guard them will be highly commendable. The selfless service of The Deen Team and its volunteers cannot be underestimated and will therefore, bear it’s dividends in time.

Whilst a host of people have become self-centred, The Deen Team is focusing on the potential members of the Ummah. It is no doubt that moulding the youth and giving them proper Islamic orientation demands great sacrifice, but let them know, that this was one of the prime efforts of the Prophet (ﷺ) for reforming them is reforming a nation.

Most of the activities seem to be in line with the Shar’i ethos, which is the only effective way of promoting the Islamic Culture within the unislamic environment. This is why, it is noticed that more and more audience are inclining towards this form of Da’wah. Not all are always available in the Masaajid and Madaaris. Therefore, The Deen Team endeavours to reach them wherever they are, by showering upon them the essence of Islam like scattered clouds.

I conclude my comments with a Hadith of the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ):

“Congratulations to those who are creating reform amongst the people, whilst others have created disorder amongst them.”