I salute and congratulate the team that is endeavouring to instill the love and fervour of DEEN into the most important and vulnerable sector of our society, the youth. We use the word vulnerable, due to the many wolves claiming for the attention of the youth. It is difficult for a young person to be safe from the attraction offered to distract them from a pure life. The youth of today will make the society of tomorrow.

By destroying the youth, you have succeeded in defeating a nation without firing a single bullet. The attractions offered to the youth are meant to destroy the spirituality of a nation. Today we make dua for an organisation as the DEEN TEAM who with so much assimilation, endeavour to protect the DEEN of our youth by offering activities that will interest them and at the same time safeguard them from constant attacks on their belief system.

May ALLAH reward the DEEN TEAM and inspire them to ultimately safeguard our youth from that which seeks to snatch their IMAAN.


President of Jamiatul Ulama South Africa