The youth are the backbone of a nation, If they are cared for and looked after well, then the ummah will progress and attain success, It is said “If a generation, due to ignorance adopt something wrong, then the next generation will follow them, and the third generation will make it their belief.” Therefore it is necessary to instill correct beliefs, manners, habits and character in them, at the same time corrupt beliefs and evils of society, can only be corrected, when the youth are educated and taught different skills.

They must be able to differentiate between good and bad, halaal and haraam, jaaiz najaaiz. Our youth must be an asset to the community and not a burden or liability. Alhamdulillaah The Deen team is mainly targeting our youth to become good muslims, good human beings and responsible people. This is done through different programs which will prove beneficial for the ummah at large.

If the youth are inspired correctly, the ummah will gain strength, respect and honor. Once the tarbiah of the youth is made in a deeni environment, then definitely they will populate and support the madaaris, khanqaahs, the local community and jamaat movement too insha’allaah. May Allaah accept the good efforts and vision of the Deen Team to build a good respectable society. May Allaah reward them immensely for guiding our youth, and preserving their imaan.


Moulana is a khalifah of both of Sheikh Zakariyya Khandhlawi RA and Mufti Mahmood Gangoi RA