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South Africa is one of many countries who are fighting a losing battle against drug addiction. The UN released in 2016 that  7.06% of South Africans are drug abuses, which means one in fourteen people you encounter is hooked on to a substance. Do the maths! A tragic total of 3.74 million South Africans are abusing drugs

Rope of 

Brotherhood for survivors of drug addiction. 
A holistic aftercare programme for survivors trying to overcome drug addiction.

Weekly Meetups

Every meetup starts with open session where people are free to speak their mind, share challenges, seek advice or even just offload.

We break for Esha Salaah and have an electrifying session of zikr.

In the final session we have informative and well researched discussions on topics that will benefit the survivor’s recovery.

Attendees are tested at random to give you the satisfying feeling of knowing that you making recovery work.

Extra Activities

Staying away from old friends and hangouts can be very difficult in recovery. Rope of Hope tries to fill that vacuum with lekker outings and opportunities to do volunteer charity work.

In just this year we did:

  • An overnight fishing trip
  • A visit to Gruinpunt Prison
  • 2 braais
  • Treated our local Muaazins to a braai
  • Went horse riding

Someone asked “For how long should I continue attending aftercare” the answer “For as long as you want to stay clean”

Is recovery easy? No! Is it worth it? YES!!

Allah is willing to change you? Are YOU willing to change?

Weekly Venue:

Date: Every Tuesday evening

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Venue: 49 West Street Houghton, Johannesburg

For more info please contact:

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