Quraan Recitation Training Retreat

Quraan Recitation Training Retreat

Overnight Programme

Asr (4:45 PM) 6 July – Ishraaq 7 July 2024

Upstairs at Masjid Khalid Ibn Al Waleed 137 1st Rd, Linbro Park Sandton Jhb

Supper, Late Night Refreshments and Breakfast will be served.

Course will cover:

  • Niyyats behind the recitation
  • Mastery of the voice – vocal training
  • Mastering melodies – intro to the different melodies and their levels
  • How to lengthen your breath
  • Egyptian Qurraa – Their pious qualities , voices and melodies
  • Tajweed over tune
  • Recitation Practice Session

Course Instructor:

Sheikh Ismail Londt

– He is the HOD of the Department of Quranic Affairs in Cape Town, which runs under the auspices of the MJC (Muslim Judicial Council).
This means that most Quranic activities in Cape Town, from Quran competitions, Quran programs, workshops, courses, etc pass his desk.

Sheikh started hifdh at the age of 11 and completed at the 13

He commenced his studies at Darul Uloom Newcastle and continued his studies of Qira’at in Cairo and benefited from outstanding scholars of the Quran, like the famous reciter, Sheikh Muhammad Mahmood Tablawi; the Imam of the Grand Mosque of the Azhar University, Sheikh Abdullah Atiyyah Bayoomi, amongst others.

He is the only South African who had the entire Quran recorded in Egypt. This recording still regularly plays over various radio and TV stations in the Arab world.

He is the founder and principal of the DU centre for Quranic studies and youth development.

He has represented South Africa in a number of international recital platforms, like Germany, India, etc. He was also invited as a judge in Quranic competitions in Dubai and Turkey.

Sheikh is currently the Imam at the Awwal Masjid in Bokaap, Cape Town.

What to Bring:

1. Your own bedding 

2. Note Book and Pen 

3. Your own Quraan 

4. Personal necessities 


Should you wish to attend this course, you need to take the following actions:


1. For transport, WhatsApp your name age and area to Hamza Docrat: 067 207 9533

2. Show up.

Should you or your child have any further queries, please feel free to contact Sheikh Shaakir Bhyat  on 082 872 0789 or Hamza Docrat on 067 207 9533. We look forward to welcoming you on the course. Shukran!

May Allah make this an amazing retreat of growth, Muhabah and beneficial learning all in the love of the Quraan.