Mohamed Hoblos SA Lecture Tour 2017

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(Please scroll to Bottom of this article for Link to Audio Recordings)

Every other day Allah expresses his greatness and shows us the power of dua with extraordinary experiences.

Early January 2017 The Deen Team met for a meeting to draw up our 2017 year planner. As we got to November 2017 we very optimistically jotted down the following: “Muhamad Hoblos Lecture Tour”

and had absolutely no plan of how this could possibly work out, Nevertheless made dua and closed the meeting without giving too much thought to it.

Later in the same year we received a call offering The Deen Team the opportunity to partner on a project that would take place in November 2017. And ofcourse there’s no prizes for guessing, it was the “Muhamad Hoblos Lecture Tour”.  Allah listened to the dua and he the most awesome and powerful controller of affairs seen to all the arrangements.

Muhamad Hoblos Landed in South Africa on November the 7th and remained with us until the 11th before flying out to Cape Town. In less than one week Hoblos delivered 13 lectures across two provinces. The response was phenomenal at every single one of them.

At Masjid Bilaal in Benoni people performed Salaah outside the masjid despite the saffs being shortened, At Masjid Hilaal in Durban cars were parked a few blocks away because of the capacity of the crowds and at Masjid Siraatul Jannah in Ormonde there was no room to walk.

What particularly stood out was that the audience was not the type of people who would typically attend Masjid Programmes. It was the youth who passionately came out in their numbers. Noticeably, the first saff at every programme, was filled with young people. At one of the Johannesburg Lectures a Mini Bus of Youth from Klerksdorp specially made the 170 kilometre journey out to attend the lecture. One youngster even travelled with us throughout the journey.

His topics remained relevant and hard hitting. At Madrassa Salihaat which was his first Ladies Lecture , he left a strong message of motivation advising women both Young and old that a Muslim Women in her Hijab is more Valuable and worth so much more than taking heed from Hollywood Celebrities.

A highlight that will remain with us for a very long was in Cape Town, a gentleman who had been following Muhamad Hoblos’ online-lectures came to the Masjid in Grassy Park and Took Shahadah.

This lecture tour sent me home with a powerful message. The message was that we can’t continue lamenting over the spiritual fatigue of the youth. We as a community need to create stimulating programmes that are founded on sincere love and desire for the welfare of the youth. I’m confident our future leaders will be waiting in anticipation and ready to receive it.

I won’t easily  forget the echoes  of the students who were chanting ” We want more! We want more! We want more!” As Mohamad Hoblols concluded his lecture at Al Falaah College in Durban.


Click Link Below for recordings of Mohamed Hoblos SA Lecture Tour 7-11 Nov 2017 

Mohamed Hoblos Lecture Tour Recordings

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