Legends Of Islam 2017

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The Eve of New Years is infamously known to be a night of very notorious celebratory activities. The vice of this night is lethal enough to cause a lifetime of regret. Temptation so strong that even the righteous can be affected.

An organisation based in Fordsburg called The Deen Team responds with support and assistance to the vulnerable in their journey of abstinence and their efforts to achieve the pleasure of the almighty. The Support comes in the form of a mosque based programme specially adapted to the needs of the youth. This year the programme took place at Masjid Al Furqaan in Houghton and attracted about 150 vibrant youth.

Proceedings commenced with youngsters being led in the rendition of Surah Yaseen by Qari Abdurahmaan Eshaak and collective rendition of praises on the best of creation by Qari Usamah Ishaaq and Hafiz Muhammed Swalih Subrati. Legends Of Islam was the name of the programme because speeches drew inspiration from the amazing legend of Islamic history Umar Bin Khataab (RA), Umar was a just & visionary leader of extreme humility. His character, if implemented, will result in the type of social reform that we desperately require.

In the latter part of the night, the programme became even more interesting. An exciting quiz tested attendees attentiveness. Four questions based on the life of Umar (RA), as discussed in the speeches, were posed and youngsters who answered correctly earned themselves vouchers for an advanced defensive driving course.

The programme also featured a BMW E30 car show. The popular “Box shape” or fondly called “Gusheshe” excited young people. Organisers went out of their way to arrange only the neatest and most rare BMWs. This didn’t come without a talk on road safety and tips on vehicle respect and maintenance.

This was the 5th Annual event of its kind and we hope and pray for many more.

Click Here for the 5th Legends Of Islam Audio Recordings

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