Boys Night Out 2017 Northcliff

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The gloom of the starting of the new school term was overshadowed with the excitement of The Deen Team’s Boys Night Out in Northcliff. Youngsters from across Gauteng made their way to the Northcliff Masjid to experience a fun-filled and spiritually jam packed overnight youth programme.

Kicking off the evening shortly after Esha Salaah with some short advices by The Deen Team’s Hafiz Shaakir Bhyat
Not long before our attendees headed off for some competitive and intensive Ten-pin bowling at the……..

Northcliff Bowling Alley which happened to be just a walk away from the Northcliff Masjid. We booked out an area of the facility ensuring that the place is conducive, obviously no music and no mingling with females.
On return to the Masjid Zafeer Nagdi, lecturer of Economics at UJ, enlightened youngsters on how to manage their finances.

Then it was chow-time! Everyone proceeded to enjoy a scrumptious supper prepared by Community members, who had gone all out in making sure everyone was catered for, at the adjacent madrasah courtyard.

After supper, Ml Ahmed Ali Lorgat from Benoni, gave a talk on the Importance of Salah in the life of a Muslim.

Thereafter the boys engaged in Dhikr and performed Tahajjud Salaah with Hafiz Shaakir Bhyat, As the final activity for the night.

Early on Saturday morning at around 5am the Masjid was filled with Vim and Vigor, the first 2 Safs of the masjid were lined up with enthusiastic Deen Teamer’s who eagerly awaited the commencement of the Fajr Salah.

After the Salah The Deen Teamer’s were given some insight into the benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen every morning after which they had also engaged in a collective recitation of surah Yaseen with Ml Suhail Bhamjee From Bedfordview, thereafter they performed Ishraaq Salah and
Continued to partake of the breakfast.

Not long before it was time to Head for the West Park cemetery for a detailed burial workshop by CIT and FMYO.
On commencement they did a quick recollection of some of the necessary dua’s and some pertinent points to keep in mind while visiting the cemetery. The Youngsters were given the opportunity to interact with members of the burial committee, ask any questions they had in mind and even play active roles in the ghusl, kaffan and burial. Things took a rather informative twist when a Janaazah of a foreign brother who barely had any family present was brought in for burial. This was the ultimate and immediate test of our boys knowledge and Skill and Alhamdulilah they impressed us with their Capability!

We ask The Almighty Allah To protect our youngsters and assist The Deen Team in making a positive difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

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