Azaadville Youth Event 2017

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This is a one of a kind event that treated the Azaadville youngsters to an overdose of inspiration and a whole lot of fun.

  1. Cricket Batting Competition
    Each batsman faced three balls bowled by a bowling machine and was expected to smash big sixes. The total distance covered was his score.
  2. Quraan Recitation Competition
    Each reciter was judged according to the closest his recitation could get to any of the 2 Audio clips that had been prescribed by TDT

Our Winners:

  1. Hasaan Saloo imitated Shaikh Mahir Al Muaiqily as accurately as possible and he was chosen as the the winner by our adjudicators and he walked away with R750 in Cash.
  2. Saajid Sedu was the Winner of this Competition with the highest score and he walked away with a smashing R750 in Cash as well.

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