The Deen Team (established in March 2016) is a youth development initiative dedicated to addressing the vital roles that Muslim youth play as future leaders of the Ummah. With different programs attuned to the youth’s critical stage in life, we seek to address real-life problems and give the support needed for young people to live lives as dedicated Muslim youth and blossom into stable adults. The Deen Team operates with innovative programme formats in two very specific areas:

  1. Youth Programmes for boys between ages 13 and 18 in school and beyond
  2. Programs and support for students at universities

We are a section 21 Non-profit company. Our structure is as follows:

  • 3 Trustees
  • Ulama and community leaders who serve in an unofficial advisory capacity
  • A small team of employed staff
  • Selfless volunteers who seek nothing but the pleasure of the almighty

The Deen Team relies completely on the generosity of the Muslim public. At selected events we may charge a fee but that is to cover the expenses related that particular event.


  • Regular Youth Camps 
  • Inter Masjid Soccer Tournaments
  • Masjid Programs in outlining towns
  • School Visits
  • Promotion of Sunnah Sports
  • Insightful excursions
  • Ongoing support and mentorship
  • There’s actually always something new


  • Annual Orientation Program for the freshman
  • We Regularly conduct or organise the Jumma program on university campuses
  • Weekly Halaqas
  • Ongoing support and mentorship


  • An interactive and lively website
  • An annual Legends of Islam Youth Program
  • Strong social media presence
  • Production and distribution of Inspirational audios, videos and posters

Moulana Mumtaaz Ul Haq Nazeer RA

To my humble observation the Deen Team is doing a fantastic job of keeping our youth busy in various constructive and interesting activities which not only will keep them away from involving in wrong activities but also guiding and educating them of various aspects of our beautiful deen.

As we all know this is the time of fitnah and fasaad. Our new generation needs lots of guidance and healthy activity to keep them occupied in healthy but interesting activities.

The Deen Team has what it takes to promote good and forbid from evil in a unique way. May Allah swt accept their effort, grant them success and grant our community especially the youth to take maximum benefit from this opportunity.

To Deen Team please keep up your good work and keep your courage up. Don’t worry about what people will say rather worry about what Allah swt will be happy with.

My duas and duas of our community at large are with you for your resounding success, aameen yaa rabbal aalameen.

Your brother in Islam.


Passed away August 2017 Former Ustaad at Jamiah Al Uloom Fordsburg and Darul Uloom Newcastle

Qari Ayoob Ishaaq

“The Youth of a Nation are the trustees of posterity”. (Benjamin Disraeli – former British prime minister).

This couldn’t be more true. The youth is the future and the future is the youth.

It is probably this thought that gave birth to THE DEEN TEAM. For some time now, I have been following some of the initiatives and activities of The Deen Team. A group of young people who have taken up the challenge of inspiring, guiding, engaging, supporting and fostering a sense of brotherhood amongst the youth through various events and programs. These programs while they serve to engender Deeni awareness, noble character, good manners and caring for others, they also provide an avenue for the youth to safeguard themselves from the temptations that are constantly beckoning.

The founders and administrators themselves being young people who understand the challenges faced by the youth, make it very much easier for youth to relate to and confide in them.

It is my dua that Allah Ta’ala take them from strength to strength, assist them in their noble endeavour, fulfil their every need, grant them success and guide them to that which pleases HIM.


Head of the facility of Qiraat at Darul Uloom Zakaria

Mufti Farouk Minty

Alhamdulillah we the Al Huda Muslim School and the Klerksdorp Muslim Community were indeed fortunate to host the Deen Team on the 14th and 15th October 2016.

It was a learning experience for many amongst the young Ulama, students and fathers to note how Deeni Lessons, Values and Combating Vice and Sin can be taught through a different mode, which grips the innocent children and youth of the ummah.

The Islamic viewpoint on Music, it’s harms, ill effects and what consequences it will have in the aakhirah was a topic that was explained and shared in an atmosphere susceptible to the youth. Many who were immuned to Music made taubah and gave up listening from the reports we received after this session.

The very cool and calm approach displayed while presenting the harms of substance abuse touched the hearts of children and parents, whilst few who were addicted went for rehabilitation and today living a better quality life.

The inter-action with the youth via sporting and recreational activities was appreciated by the youth, who enjoyed the programmes, actively participated and found it to be an experience of learning and reform.

May Allah Ta’ala allow the Deen Team to always remain focused on their vision and mission statement and allow the challenged youth of the ummah to see the light and find the pathway to guidance through their programmes and activities.


Mudeer of Al Huda Muslim School and Secretary of Jamiatul Ulama SA North West Branch

Mufti Ismail Abdur-Rahim

Although during the past years, projects similar to this one has been in operation, The Deen Team has taken it further by an extra mile by realising that the youth are vulnerable and open to moral and religious attacks. As much as they are easily influenced by the modern-day attractions and distractions, any effort in that direction to guard them will be highly commendable. The selfless service of The Deen Team and its volunteers cannot be underestimated and will therefore, bear it’s dividends in time.

Whilst a host of people have become self-centred, The Deen Team is focusing on the potential members of the Ummah. It is no doubt that moulding the youth and giving them proper Islamic orientation demands great sacrifice, but let them know, that this was one of the prime efforts of the Prophet (ﷺ) for reforming them is reforming a nation.

Most of the activities seem to be in line with the Shar’i ethos, which is the only effective way of promoting the Islamic Culture within the unislamic environment. This is why, it is noticed that more and more audience are inclining towards this form of Da’wah. Not all are always available in the Masaajid and Madaaris. Therefore, The Deen Team endeavours to reach them wherever they are, by showering upon them the essence of Islam like scattered clouds.

I conclude my comments with a Hadith of the Prophet of Islam (ﷺ):

“Congratulations to those who are creating reform amongst the people, whilst others have created disorder amongst them.”


Principal and head lecturer at Jameah Mahmoodiyah Springs and Madrasah Mueinul Islam Zakaria Park.

Moulana Yahya Bham

In these testing times when youth are the main group facing modern challenges it is very important to pull them together, get them attached and get them to board the boat of Islam. In order to do this, the Sunnah is very important. A person came to Rasoolullah (ﷺ) to challenge him to a wrestling match. Rasoolullah (ﷺ) communicated with him in the language he wanted, Rasoolullah (ﷺ) wrestled him and the man ended up accepting Islam.

As we progress very quickly into the testing times of Dajaal, we may not already be in the actually tornado but we can definitely feel the winds from the tornado of Dajaal. We need to increase our efforts on all levels and The Deen Team is doing exactly that. May Allah accept your great efforts! May Allah-Ta’alla give The Deen Team success that it needs!

I would say that every masjid and community should have a Deen Team type of program and the greater Deen Team should coordinate it all together and that will have good results for our youth. Ulama bodies should also establish youth wings. Allah-Ta’alla accept and may Allah help and guide The Deen Team.


Principal of Madressa Ashraful Madaris Lenasia, Ameer of Khidmatul Awaam, Khalifa of Ml Abrarul Haq RA

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

The world of today is an expression of the youth of yesterday and the world of tomorrow will also be an expression of the youth of today.

The youth are mines like the mines of gold and silver. A miner who detects gold focuses on the gold hidden in the ground. The miner overlooks the hard land and rocks and digs deep into the ground with his sophisticated instruments until he reaches the gold. The apparent hard, rocky land has value because of the gold in it.

Alhamdulillah, it is pleasing to note that the Deen Team has identified working among the youth as a gold field of the Ummah and mine into the depth of our youth with their sophisticated and talented youth skills. They overlook and tolerate the apparent negative and eyesore conditions of the lost youth of today and dig deep in their minds and souls and extract the golden potential within them and eventually transform them into admirable assets for the Ummah.

It is my heartfelt Du’aa that Allah accepts all the efforts of the Deen Team in our youth and make them valuable assets for the Ummah and a priceless investment for the Akhirah.


Head of Darul Iftaa Mahmudiyyah Sherwood and www.askimaam.org